Masteri Mentorship is NOW Open

Start Becoming a Profitable Personal Brand TODAY!

Want to be held accountable for 2019? Join this growing community of like-minded entrepreneurs? Take action on things that actually make a difference!

What's in it for me?

Not sure what all the fuss is about? Check out the major benefits below when starting out with this mentorship:

  • Business coaching giving YOU the help you need for improving your business
  • An Accountability tracker, making sure YOU stay accountable to your specific goals
  • Monthly Masterclasses to help YOU to enhance your Business and Leadership development
  • 2 Coaching Calls a month that clearly outlines the results YOU need to perform well in your business
  • A complete review of your Marketing strategy and how it can be improved!

You've enabled me to realise the keys in developing the internal before the external.

"Our sessions are extremely productive and I love the fact that you begin sessions on time. The format of the session were based upon the key points I listed in my brief I sent last year... I'm thankful you took the time to structure the session around these key themes as it was particular to my current needs.

You've enabled me to realise the keys in developing the internal before the external. You also have a non-judgemental approach and this feat I consider to be of high importance as you made me feel comfortable to open up without fear of judgement... you were at times probing but not undermining"

Craig Ashley

eCommerce Business Owner

Your coaching allows me to step outside my comfort zone

"Being a young creative ideas and visions pop into my head all the time I get ideas for every day of the week and every hour of the day the just don't stop popping, however your services provide me with clarification and strategy, its almost as if my head is a messy desk with files every where and you come and arrange everything into the right folder.

Your coaching allows me to step outside my comfort zone and really test my potential with realistic micro goals which will eventually fulfil the macro goal.

You hold me accountable to my word and your random check ups keep me in constant focus your professionalism is one to be respected and also you have a uniqueness of indirectly creating a business timeline which make my goals more realistic for me."

Wise Santos

Author & Creative Entrepreneur

How much does all this cost?

The investment is £2,500 with a minimum 4-month commitment.

If £2,500 "costs" too much for you right now or you're not able to find the money, then the masteri mentorship programme is not for you...

However, if you would like to "invest" your money into getting a complete business strategy, having a tailored and structured plan, as well as being held ACCOUNTABLE and COACHED by Michael Tabirade, and learn what it takes to be profitable, then you can join now.

The Clarity and Structure was definitely what I needed!

"Michael sets out a clear blueprint for helping you understand how to define your customer. Before I said everyone is my customer, but now I have a laser-targeted focus of my ideal customer.

As soon as I started working with Michael I was so clear with who my clients were! I already have a strong knowledge base of my industry so this gave me the confidence to start attracting clients straight away.

The clarity and structure was definitely what I need!”

Farida Daswani

Mobile Nails Technician